• M/V Lalinde
  • M/V Evita K
  • M/V Kinatsi
  • M/V Sir Albert
  • M/V Sir Henry
  • M/V Sir Walter
  • M/V Annelisa
  • M/V Nicolina

Welcome to HMS

Hellas Marine Services Policies:

  • A company committed to providing services to the clients.
  • A company committed to providing healthy and safe working environment for our crew and office personnel.
  • A company fully compliant with ISM code and all local, national and international rules and regulations.
  • A company committed to training and development of our systems and skills of the crew and the people ashore.
  • A company recognizing the vital importance of environmental protection and safety on board.
  • A company that pays constant attention to ethics and business morals in all its operations.



  • ¬†Upgrading the systems, the vessels and the people to provide efficient management.



  • Cost effective and efficient ship management.


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